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AccountMate 2018 |
The Real-Time ERP Solution

Available in two (2) distinct packages, Enterprise 2018 and Enterprise 2018 Express, AccountMate has crafted a real-time ERP platform suited for any business, scalable to any size. What’s the difference? Express runs on a SQL server while Enterprise 2018 is cloud-based. Basically, one is self hosted while the other has managed hosting. Both packages offer the same features and are extendable through source code as well as AccountMate’s third-party application program.

Both solutions will be productive additions to your workflow as well as streamline the way you do business so your company experiences growth in productivity and decreases in overhead cost.

What exactly is AccountMate Enterprise 2018?
A leading-edge ERP platform, combining the fucll functions of an award-winning system from AccountMate and the power of Microsoft’s SQL server. Offering clients an enhanced version of AccountMate with robust tools to provide better investment protection designed to be kept in your company for the long-haul with superior scaling, uptime, performance and better data security with improved integration with other applications.
Why do you need it?
AccountMate Enterprise 2018 and Express provide clients with unprecedented alternatives to other top tier software developers, allowing for companies not running competitor proprietary software, a robust ERP platform that still integrates with their existing software. Basically, if you run third party applications from multiple publishers and developers, this solution can tie everything together and integrate with what you use instead of having to hard swap to other competitors and or hardware.
What is AccountMate Enterprise 2018 good for?
  • Seamless integration with any and all third party applications.
  • Streamlined productivity within each application.
  • Multi-currency transactions.
  • Businesses with multiple locations.
  • Flexible reporting.

In short, AccountMate Enterprise 2018 is relevant and amazing for small to medium sized businesses with multiple locations seeking to slim down on productivity losses while boosting communication company-wide.

Ok, so what's included?
AccountMate Enterprise 2018 provides the following features directly out of the box:

  • User-definied security options and fraud protection used by the most secure companies in the world- banks.
  • Multiple user account access levels with independent security settings per user type.
  • Real-time account balance information for financial executives within your business.
  • Streamlined bank communication and reconciliation.
  • Check printing support.
  • Simultaneous payment authorization for multiple invoices.
  • Prepaid expense functions.
  • Unlimited subsidiary support.
  • Financial reporting tools from high view down to the smallest minutia.
  • Feature rich reporting tools allowing full custom report printing.
  • And more!


Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide quality solutions that provide efficient cost-effective business solutions. My organization has been providing companies like yours with tailored business management resource solutions for accounting, ERP, human resources and payroll, fixed assets management, contact management, warehouse management and manufacturing since 1991. The software solutions that comprise our portfolio are all industry leaders in their respective classes. The key difference is the expertise and experience of my staff. I’ve been fortunate to find truly remarkable professionals who understand business as well as software. They’ve contributed immeasurably to the success of Harwood Consulting and stand ready to do the same for your organization.

In-Depth AccountMate Enterprise 2018 Details

Accounts Payable — The Accounts Payable module automates a wide range of vendor-related tasks providing you with the ability to effectively manage company expenditures. This module’s features include the option to require that invoices recorded in the system be supported by purchase orders, take advantage of early-payment discounts, and the ability to accrue landed costs and allocate them to purchased items. Payment authorization for multiple vendor invoices and prepayments can be done simultaneously. AccountMate simplifies the payment process by providing the ability to post credit card payments, ACH or issue checks directly after an invoice recording. It can even print checks and generate an ACH file in one sitting. It tracks payments to various types of 1099 vendors and prints various 1099 reports. It also allows you to record and amortize prepaid expenses. When integrated with AccountMate’s Bank Reconciliation module, you get to reconcile all recorded checks and electronic payments in one place. When integrated with AccountMate’s Purchase Order module, you get a complete purchasing and invoicing system that will enhance your ability to manage your vendor base and cash flow.

Accounts Receivable — The Accounts Receivable module offers a complete billing, receivable, customer and inventory management system that helps you provide customers with accurate and prompt service. The Sales Order and Inventory Control modules integrate with Accounts Receivable to create a complete order entry, sales returns, billing and receivables system that delivers superior customer and inventory management.

Bank Reconciliation — AccountMate’s Bank Reconciliation module provides the ability to effectively keep an accurate tab on your company’s cash flow. With this module, you can set up unlimited bank account records and specify the currency in which transactions will be recorded for each one. Easily record miscellaneous disbursements, receipts and bank transfers that are not logged in other AccountMate modules. You can specify which transactions have cleared the bank and reconcile your book entries with the bank statements. Instant view on current bank account balance, the last reconciled bank statement balance and the total amount of unreconciled bank transactions. This keeps you well informed of your company’s real-time cash position.

Consolidated Ledger — The Consolidated Ledger module provides the ability to quickly combine several companies’ account balances and budgets into a single unified ledger to present consolidated financial statements and related reports. This module supports consolidation of companies with different reporting currencies making it ideal for multinational organizations that have foreign operations. With the Consolidated Ledger module, the process of creating a consolidated ledger is straightforward: set up the consolidation and subsidiary companies; assign to each subsidiary a consolidation company that will generate consolidated reports; then, map each subsidiary company’s chart of accounts and fiscal periods to its consolidation company. You’ll be able to consolidate the subsidiary’s account balances and budgets in no time.

General Ledger — AccountMate’s General Ledger module gives you maximum control over the management of all your accounting transactions. It is equipped with the necessary tools and reports to help you comply with the US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP). Whether setting up and maintaining a chart of accounts, generating financial statements and reports, or creating journal entries and budgets, AccountMate General Ledger keeps you in control of your financial data.

Inventory Control — AccountMate’s Inventory Control module gives you the power of a complete inventory management system. This module provides the ability to define each inventory item’s cost method, units-of- measurement, and warehouse and bin locations. You can set each item’s safety stock, lead time, reorder level and reorder quantity. Inventory counts can be performed at any time and as often as needed without interrupting your shipping and receiving processes. Other key features in this module includes the ability to assign serial numbers to units of an inventory item, define multiple substitutes for an item, record transfers of units from one warehouse to another, and issue stock items for internal use. Inventory Control integrates with and enhances the functionalities of the Accounts Receivable, Sales Order, and Purchase Order modules. It also integrates with the Inventory Specification, Kitting, and Lot Control modules.

Inventory Specification — The Inventory Specification module offers quick, easy and accurate management of complex inventory that requires tracking of a variety of attributes. It allows you to categorize your inventory items according to such things as size, color, weight, and texture. It also tracks the items’ quantities, costs and prices by the assigned categories. It can suggest a similar item when the desired specification is not available thus helping you keep the sale. The Inventory Specification module integrates with the Inventory Control, Sales Order, Accounts Receivable, and Purchase Order modules.

Kitting — AccountMate’s Kitting module expands the inherent capabilities of your Inventory Control module allowing you to create and manage inventory items that are packaged and sold together as a single unit. It is designed to be used by manufacturers and distributors whose goods are often resold in many different configurations. Users can decide whether assembled units of a kit item must be kept in stock or whether they can be packaged on the fly as orders are received. Kit items can be sold using a pre-defined formula or customized per order. This module tracks items when they are sold as part of a kit and provides the necessary reports to help determine whether you have sufficient stock to meet existing kit orders thus allowing you to make sound and up to the minute inventory management decisions. The Kitting module integrates with AccountMate’s Inventory Control, Accounts Receivable and Sales Order modules.

Sales Order — In an increasingly competitive marketplace, customers demand rapid response to their orders. Your ability to process these orders in a timely and effectual manner is essential to winning and retaining your customers’ business. AccountMate’s Sales Order module delivers the power of a complete order entry, customer and inventory management system so that you can always provide your customers with prompt and accurate service. When integrated with AccountMate’s Accounts Receivable module, you get a complete billing-and-receivable system that will further enhance your ability to manage your customer base and inventory.

Lot Control — AccountMate’s Lot Control module adds the power of a complete lot control system to your inventory management. It gives you the ability to track units of lot controlled items from purchase or production to inventory and sale. It also allows you to keep a record of each lot controlled unit’s expiration date. The Lot Control module integrates with AccountMate’s Inventory Control, Accounts Receivable, Sales Order and Purchase Order modules.

Purchase Order — With the Purchase Order module, you have better control over a full range of purchasing activities. It allows you to record vendor lead times and plan purchases based on lead time, safety stock, reorder point and reorder quantity information. It gives the option to accrue liability for purchases at the time the goods are received and reverse the accrual when the invoice is recorded in the Accounts Payable module. This module also allows you to define which items are for resale and which items are solely for in-house use. When creating purchase orders, various information about each inventory item is at your fingertips which helps select the right item every time. When integrated with the Accounts Payable module, you can require that invoices be supported by purchase orders before they can be saved in the system.

System Manager — The System Manager module serves as the control center for the entire AccountMate system. It controls the system environment and setup, multi-level password security, report engine, module and company selection, system date, online help access and all pop-up menus. It is used to activate the system and to create companies, to set up user groups and to define user access rights. AccountMate Enterprise System Manager delivers the utmost efficiency, productivity and security to any business.


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